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20+ years of moving experience and never charges more for last-minute or end-of-month jobs. Since 1999, we have offered a wide range of professional moving services with customer service unmatched by any other moving and storage company. Everydaymovers is
in the business of providing affordable moves no matter how big or small.

We are proud to say we speak
English, Czech, Russian, Slovak, Polish, Spanish, Tajik-Persian, Uzbek and  Pamir-Shughni.
We have provided acost effective, efficient service toclients in all fiveboroughs and bordering states.  With years of experience in the business we have become a professional service, yet retained our ability to create a friendly,relaxing experience for the whole family.

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Our Contacts


1921 63rd St #3,
Brooklyn, NY 11204


Phone: (718) 200-0598
Cellular: (917) 873-4169